Opportunity at “Acatus”: Gain regulatory experience in a Berlin Fintech Startup

Next spring, I will spend part of my legal clerkship at Acatus, a Fintech startup based in Berlin. Setting up a platform for real-time asset securitization, they are looking for lawyers, legal trainees and interns interested in financial regulation.

I can only tell that the people I have met so are very friendly, highly ambitious and have impressive track records in various areas of the financial industry or startups.

Acatus is a game-changing B2B fintech startup offering unique real-time single asset securitization as a service to banks, marketplace lenders, and other originators. By connecting these originators with investors from all across Europe, we are setting-up the infrastructure to build the premier digital pan-European Debt Capital Markets platform. Do you think you have the skills and the passion to contribute to our vision? Let’s shape the future of a whole industry together

If you are interested, please find their job offers here and here. I’ll also be glad to help set up a direct contact!


Lukas Koehler graduated from Bucerius Law School and Oxford University (MJur). He currently is a PhD candidate at LMU Munich and a legal trainee in Berlin.


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