Conference in Berlin, October 31 – Financial Risk and Stability Network

Another year, another big event for conaisseurs of financial regulation:  On October 31, the „Financial Stability Conference“ takes places again. It is organised by the „Financial Risk and Stability Network“.  Suffice it to say that speakers and participants are drawn from the top tier of European financial policymakers; German state secretary in the Ministry of Finance Jörg Kukies, Chair of the SSM’s Supervisory Board Danièle Nouy and Dennis Kelleher, President of Better Markets and reknown Wall Street critic to name just a few.

Topics discussed are highly relevant to the future of financial regulation in the Eurozone and in a wider context. Also, there is no participation fee and we’ll probably be present with a large group of young researchers and policymakers  this year (so please do get in touch with me should you be interested in meeting us).

Find more information here.

This years topic is

“From Risk Reduction to Risk Sharing: How to Align Opposing Policy Concepts and Shape a Balanced Financial Architecture in the EU – Disentangling ambiguous policies, national dynamics and regulatory biases“ 

and among the speakers are :

Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Italian Interbank Deposit Protection Fund
Dr. Elisa Ferreira, Bank of Portugal
Dr. Daniel Hardy, International Monetary Fund
Samy Harraz, Single Resolution Board
Dennis Kelleher, Better Markets
Dr. Steffen Kern, European Securities and Markets Authority
Dr. Matthias Kollatz, Senator for Finance of Berlin
Dr. Jörg Kukies, German Federal Ministry of Finance
Dr. Reza Moghadam, Morgan Stanley
Danièle Nouy, European Central Bank
Dr. Thorsten Pötzsch, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
Odile Renaud-Basso, French Ministry for the Economy and Finance
Dr. Rolf Strauch, European Stability Mechanism
Emiliano Tornese, European Commission

I’d be very happy to see you there!

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