Our Project

Finance is international. Its regulation and supervision, however, are primarily conducted from a national perspective. This gap is increasingly being addressed by academics, lawyers and policy-shapers. In response to the financial crises of recent times, international legislators and regulators have ultimately begun to transpose proposals of this kind into legal action. This is impressingly documented by efforts of international harmonisation in the aftermath of the financial crisis 2008/2009 as well as the founding of the European Banking Union.

We wish to contribute to and reinforce this approach. Today, financial regulation is the “hottest game in town”. International economic dependencies require a mutual understanding of prevalent problems that require/necessitate regulatory responses complementing the former. What’s more, we believe in the necessity of a cross-sectoral and hence functional approach: effective financial regulation in our view must inquire into both capital markets and banking.

By way of offering a platform for fresh and non-conformist thought and debate, this blog seeks to promote the formation of an international community of young researchers, students and all others involved with and interested in financial regulation.
Pursuing an interdisciplinary and functional approach to the matter at hand, we welcome all sorts of perspectives, be it on the background of law, economics or psychology/behavioural economics. All thoughts and insights concerned with financial regulation, whether introductory, technical or policy-focused are welcome.

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