European Banking Institute sets up a Young Researchers Group

In December 2017, the European Banking Institute (EBI) established the Young Researchers Group (YRG) for PhD researchers of EU universities. The initiative is chaired by Lynette Janssen (Leiden University) and Agnieszka Smoleńska (EUI), in cooperation with the Academic Board of the EBI.

The EBI is an international centre for banking studies in Frankfurt established as a joint venture of various European universities ( EBI is structured to promote the dialogue between scholars, regulators, supervisors, industry representatives and advisors in relation to issues concerning the regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets from a legal, economic and any other related viewpoint.

The newly founded YRG is an inter-disciplinary and international platform for exchange and mutual learning for early stage researchers in the rapidly developing area of banking law and policy. Under the wings of the EBI, the YRG will conduct research, promote debate and dialogue between PhD researchers in relation to issues concerning regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets.

As a YRG member affiliated with the EBI you would have the opportunity to present your research during several events a year, meet scholars, regulators and industry representatives to discuss your research with them, organise events and publish research papers with the EBI.

For more information about the YRG, the rules of participation see the application form (EBI – Application YRG). Should you wish to apply to become a member, complete the attached form and send it to Claudia Collins, who leads the administration matters for the EBI ( Please bear in mind that the EBI Academic Board decides on the admittance of participants.

Should you have further questions do not hesitate to contact Lynette ( or Agnieszka (

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